Bright Colors and Bright Moods: The Painter named Yvena Despagne

by Deiona Monroe

Living in Brooklyn, NY, Yvena Despagne is a Haitian-American. She grew up with the tradition from her Haitian culture, raised and taught how to appreciate the richness within the arts.

From reading, to writing and once playing orchestral music, Yvena knew the arts was always in her. However, she didn’t discover her painting abilities until the summer of 2016, while in search for an outlet from the stress she was experiencing from her past. Through self-teaching, Yvena learned how to utilize the basics of art and practiced consistently.

With a concentration in abstract art, Yvena loves having the freedom to create what's in her mind, which can be seen vividly through her artwork.

Once she is in her space of creating, it not only becomes Yvena’s down time, but her way of distressing from reality, her pain, and the ugliness in the world. When Yvena is in her zone, her imagination awakens, and she is free to create. With such passion and drive, we were able to get some amazing responses from Yvena:

Have you ever used your art in order to make a creation that helped overcome anything in your life? If so, would you mind sharing the story?

“3 years ago I was going through a divorce and was leading into depression. I decided to take control of the situation, because I use to be depressed as a teenager and had a difficult time recovering from that. I chose to look for a positive outlet and found a YouTube tutorial on painting, so I decided to learn how to paint. Painting was very therapeutic for me and allowed me time to heal from my troubles and take time to learn more about myself. Eventually a hobby turned into a career path. I have been growing as an artist ever since”.

What was one of the first pieces that you’ve ever created and what inspired you to make said piece?

“The first piece I ever painting was an 8x10 scenery of a lake with trees at night. It was very calming to watch the tutorial and inspired me to buy all the necessary material to try it for myself. It was the first time ever I was able to stop thinking about anything, but painting on that canvas”.

Do you transcend your life into your work? If so, how do you do so and why do you do it?

“I paint with a lot of bright happy colors. I discovered later about myself that I paint happy sceneries or things that uplift me to change my mood of what is transcending in my everyday life that makes me sad or upset. Whenever I feel down I turn to may work as an artist to help me. My paintings have thought me how to control my moods and have more patients with what happens in my everyday life”.

What is the driving force behind a piece you are currently working on?

“The driving force behind a current piece I am working on is an expression of the new woman I have become. 3 years ago, I was sad, had very little confidence and didn't find reason to stand up for myself. My work today shows how confident I am in myself and how much I believe my work, which speaks volumes to others around me”.

Are there any elements to being an artist that brings you stress? If so, how do you cope with the stress?

“Being an artist may be one of the hardest careers anyone may go after. You face a lot of rejection, people may not like the type of work you produce (and that is ok). You have to truely believe in your talent and it must have true value and meaning to what you love and who you are. If not how is anyone else to believe in your work?”


Using her brush to leave her heart on the canvas, Yvena Despagne is an artist that is both unique and powerful. She isn’t afraid to put her life into her work and her honesty behind her work is even more uplifting. Because she isn’t afraid to speak her truth, her work speaks to all those who take the time to view. Yvena isn’t just changing her life by releasing her deepest worries into her art but helping those in which stories may align with hers.

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