Plain, Never Ordinary: The Artist Named Jordan Plain

by Deiona Monroe

A Comic Book By Jordan Plain, $20 USD | Click  Here

A Comic Book By Jordan Plain, $20 USD | Click Here

Jordan Plain is a digital artist from Philadelphia. He practices many mediums and continues to push the limits on all of them. His purpose, as an artist, is to create thought and change the narrative. By combining graphic design, poetry and photograph, he creates pieces that are timeless, creative, and introspective. With the slogan of “Plain, not regular”, Jordan uses his craft to contradict the idea of what people place under the definition of plain. He is has mastered the keyboard, the pen and the camera. Being an artist with a various set of skills and mediums in order to illustrate what he formulates in his mind, we decided to explore his artistic endeavors:

What is one of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome being an artist in 21st  century America?

“I don’t see many obstacles; it’s easier now than ever to be an artist. That in itself is probably the greatest obstacle: feeling like I have to do something just because there is so much opportunity for creatives. I have to calm that noise in my head often and realize that it’s a freedom and not an obligation.”

What inspires you to do the work that you do?

“I just want to create things I’ve never seen before, but also feel very recognizable. Like, they’re brand new but you feel like has been true your whole life. I’m inspired by life and how things happen. I draw from conversations and convert it into color and shape.”

What is the message you are trying to display through your art form?

“There are many messages I display in my art, but I want the overarching takeaway to be minimalism. I create from the idea of doing more with less and never doing too much. Minimalism is something I practice in life and I hope that shows through my art.”

If you were capable of creating the art project of your dreams with no questions asked with unlimited resources and support, what would that project be and why?

“I would open up galleries all over the country and give local artists a platform to showcase their art. Of course, I would love to work on my own projects, but I think influencing a generation of creatives after me will be much more fulfilling.”

Though his name has “Plain”, his work is far from it. Through his simplistic yet captivating style, he is using his work to inspire others to take a chance and become influential beings, such as himself. With art, we can inspire generation after generation to become powerful creatures with unlimited possibilities.

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