Jamaica Raised, New York Inspired: This is Tamoy Sinclair

by Deiona Monroe

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Born and raised in Jamaica, W.I., here we have Tamoy Sinclair. She is an artist who has always had a passion for the fine arts. In 2010, she bought her talents to the United States and found a home in New York City. As a New York based artist, her work consists of several different mediums. Though her main focus is Oil on Canvas, she is also skilled at working with graphite, charcoal, Copic markers and water color. With endless curiosity of discovering new forms of art, she aims to not limit herself as “just being a painter”, as she is constantly trying new mediums and techniques to see what works with her craft.

Being in America for nearly 10 years now, Sinclair has gotten a sense of some of the obstacles artists face in this country, the message she is trying to create though her art, her inspirations and what she hopes for in the future of her art. Fortunately, we were able to get some valuable answers on the artist, Tamoy Sinclair:

What is one of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome being an artist in 21 st  century

“There are many different obstacles that I am faced with. Art is a creative process which takes time; there were times when I would go months to almost a year without being able to paint. I learned not to force anything and to pace myself, as this is an important part of being creative. It is ok to take time to refuel without burning myself out.”

“Another obstacle I face is constantly finding a way to differentiate myself and standout. With social media and the internet, everyone can display their art for people to see. It’s lowered the barrier to entry for the artists, which is great, but has now made it harder to standout because there is so much art out there. I’ve had to push myself to improve my craft so that my art doesn’t get lost amongst the sea of other artwork that’s out there.”

"Lost Boy" (Oil on Canvas)

"Lost Boy" (Oil on Canvas)

If you were capable of creating the art project of your dreams with no questions asked with unlimited resources and support, what would that project be and why?

“My dream is to create murals. I want to create a mural that depicts social change and enforce unity amongst people and all living things; because, I truly believe everything is connected. I want [my art] to be accessible to everyone—from all walks of life. I want people to feel a sense of freedom whenever they see my work.”

What is the message you are trying to display through your art form?

“I have a strong dedication to uplift women—especially women of color—and highlight their beauties through my artwork. My pieces are influenced by social issues and controversial events taking place throughout society. I hope to challenge my viewers to look beyond the image to discover the story within.”

"Head Tie Series"

"Head Tie Series"

What inspires you to do the work that you do?

“I want to inspire little girls that look like me to follow their dreams and be free to express themselves in a way that’s true to them. For me, painting in an outlet. I paint what I feel in that moment and I think that’s revealed through my pieces.”

Aiming to be both an inspiration and never stop doing what she loves, Tamoy Sinclair has
created a name for herself in the artistic world and has not let anything—not even herself—stop
her from creating and spreading awareness to the causes she holds near and dear to her heart.
Though we are at a time where it seems like all art is the same and everyone is an “artist”,
Sinclair makes her stamp and differentiates herself from the majority.

Follow the journey of this fine artist, painter and illustrator:

IG: https://www.instagram.com/madametamoy
Website: https://www.tamoysinclair.com/

"Natasha" (Graphite and Charcoal on paper 14x17)

"Natasha" (Graphite and Charcoal on paper 14x17)