DAG Journal Entry 002

Graphic Design by Danielle Grandison

Graphic Design by Danielle Grandison

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Welcome to the World of LaVan Wright

(Part I & II)

Stress will happen, but that doesn’t prohibit productivity. Even though there are obstacles and trials, LaVan continues to produce and keeps his drive with the various projects that he’s currently working on; this is just one out of the bunch. Check out our two part article.

Bright Colors and Bright Moods: The Painter named Yvena Despagne


Living in Brooklyn, NY, Yvena Despagne is a Haitian-American. She grew up with the tradition from her Haitian culture, raised and taught how to appreciate the richness within the arts.

From reading, to writing and once playing orchestral music, Yvena knew the arts was always in her.

“Girl Power “Also Known as “JAM”: Here is Julie Amara McGrath


Julie Amara McGrath—most commonly and creatively called JAM—is a California born and New York based artist with aspirations in fashion, femininity, and all things beautiful. Her work is impressionistic and whimsical, utilizing the flexibility of acrylic to provide an oil-esque experience.